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A60 Electrical Contact Cleaner Spray
Uygulama resimleri
A60 Electrical Contact Cleaner Spray

A product designed to remove flux and other surface contaminants. The product evaporates quickly from the surface without leaving any residueBut protective layer. It is designed for cleaning grease, dirt etc. from electric, electronic equipment.

A60 Electrical Contact Cleaner Spray

Product Information

  • Fast cleaning action for removal of flux traces, light oils, finger prints and other contaminants.
  • Periodic planned application prolongs the life expectancy of components.
  • Non-conductive and non-corrosive.
  • Evaporates completely, leaving no residue.
  • Safe for all metal surfaces, most rubbers, plastics and coatings. It is recommended to be tested on sensitive plastics, adhesive-mounted or stressed parts.
  • Convenient to use 360° (upside-down).
Applications Area
  • Calculators
  • Computers
  • Digital Equipment
  • Electronic Ignitions
  • Navigation Equipment
  • Printed Circuits
  • Radars
  • Radios
  • Switches and Relays
  • Circuit breakers
  • Alarm and signal systems
  • Terminals
  • Plugs and sockets
S.Code P.Code Type Volume BoxQty B.Pallet Barcode
YA60 A60 - 200 ml 12 - -